Bowling for Tyler
Burlington's Tyler Backus, 4, participates in conductive education therapy with therapist Sophie Loszmann. A May 4 bowling fundraiser will help fund...
Apr 18, 2015 | Add Comment | Burlington Post

Burlington family saving up for surgery not covered by OHIP

Melanie Cummings Special to Burlington Post

With swimming, horseback riding and therapy class it’s a wonder Tyler Backus manages to wedge school...

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Health | Apr 17, 2015

Rick Hansen's daughter shares grief of stillborn son

After losing her son, Emma Hansen shared her pain so that others can share theirs

OurWindsor.Ca | by Robin Levinson King
Canada | Apr 17, 2015

Canada's GHG emissions climb upward: report

Canada's greenhouse gas emissions continue slow climb upwards: Report

Community | Apr 17, 2015
‘I can get on this and ride all day long’

‘I can get on this and ride all day long’

Carl Hansen raises eyebrows when he takes is Me-Mover out for a spin

Niagara This Week - Niagara Falls | by Richard Hutton
Canada | Apr 17, 2015
Health care often challenge for trans patients-Image1

Health care often challenge for trans patients

Search for trans-sensitive and competent health care often frustrating, hurtful

Canada | Apr 17, 2015

Saskatchewan trans community says health coverage lacking

Saskatchewan trans community says health coverage lacking

Community | Apr 17, 2015
Ford C-Max Hybrid

Ford’s C-Max a thrifty alternative to the crossover

When Prius came to Canada back in Y2K, our sense of urgency to buy hybrids wasn’t particularly urgent. Sure, we were all...
Community | Apr 17, 2015
Nissan vans

Nissan extends Canada’s best commercial van warranty to complete NV lineup

Nissan has announced its commercial van warranty will increase from three years/60,000 kilometres to five years/160,000...
Health | Apr 17, 2015

Parents flee Ontario for Alberta to get kids autism services

‘I feel hopeful they are reaching their potential’

OurWindsor.Ca | by Andrea Gordon

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