Kathleen Wynne
For Premier Kathleen Wynne, her party's recent byelection defeat in the Whitby-Oshawa riding was an embarrassing rejection of her government’s record...
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Kathleen Wynne facing 2018 election disaster: Hepburn

Bob Hepburn

Last week’s byelection thrashing is a sign Ontario voters are becoming fed up with the long-serving...

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Our celeb roster would be nowhere without Drake: Hume

The NBA all-star weekend was stuffed with celebrities; thank goodness we had the beyond-prominent booster we did

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Trudeau wise to backtrack on eliminating deficit by 2019: Walkom

In these parlous times, arbitrary deadlines for budget-balancing can be dangerous

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Writers get their due at Santa Barbara film fest

Emma Donoghue wrote the script for Oscar-nominated Room before she published the novel

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Kathleen Wynne, Elizabeth Roy, and Justin Trudeau

Toronto Star's View: Troubling signal for Ontario Liberals

The Liberal defeat in Whitby-Oshawa foreshadows trouble for Kathleen Wynne’s provincial government

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Toronto Star's View: RCMP needs to get beyond talk in healing relationship with natives

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson is quietly meeting with aboriginal leaders to build a better relationship with indigenous...

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NBA's world feed truck

All-star weekend a world event, from one truck to 215 countries: Mudhar

Scenes from behind the scenes of the NBA's all-star extravaganza

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Toronto’s NBA reputation is now set in sub-zero: Arthur

Just try convincing an NBA player how mild this winter has been

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Rob Oliphant

Dealing with life and death at breakneck speed: Tim Harper

Dying is part of life, says Toronto MP co-chairing joint doctor-assisted dying committee

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