Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition, set to open TIFF's 40th edition on Sept. 10.
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Cracking the code on TIFF’s big announcements: Knelman

Martin Knelman

What does it mean these days to be an international premiere, a Canadian premiere, or the opening...

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Columns | 11 hours ago

Kathleen Wynne discards pledge to cap compensation of public executives: Goar

Kathleen Wynne looks the other way as Ontario Power Generation forks out $1.5 million for a new boss

OurWindsor.Ca | by Carol Goar
Commentary | 11 hours ago

The future of AIDS is up to us

For the first time since the AIDS crisis began, whether the disease thrives or is eradicated depends entirely on what we do...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
Editorial | 15 hours ago
Russell Brown

Toronto Star's View: Harper abandons openness with latest nomination to Supreme Court

With the appointment of Justice Russell Brown to the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has abandoned any pretence...

Columns | 18 hours ago
Jake Gyllenhaal

Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal to open TIFF 2015

Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Matt Damon, Tom Hardy and Johnny Depp are among the stars whose movies will be...

OurWindsor.Ca | by Peter Howell
Editorial | Jul 28, 2015

The Spectator’s View: HOT lanes are worth a try

Of the many lessons from the Pan Am Games, one of the most controversial is, of course, traffic.

Hamilton Spectator
Commentary | Jul 28, 2015

Brandon’s road to recovery: Parents of shotgun victim say thanks

Our final Facebook posting regarding Brandon’s journey:

Hamilton Spectator | by Brad and Linda Clark
Editorial | Jul 27, 2015

Toronto Star's View: High time to send secrecy about discipline for judges

The Ontario Judicial Council was established to discipline rogue judges. But how it handles complaints is shrouded in secrecy

Columns | Jul 27, 2015

Eve Adams crashes, grassroots repudiate Trudeau choice: Tim Harper

Justin Trudeau must wear a decision to bring a Conservative interloper into Toronto’s Eglinton-Lawrence riding

OurWindsor.Ca | by Tim Harper

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Is it too late to de-amalgamate Hamilton into its old municipalities?

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