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Brenda Jefferies, Review
Flamborough Chamber pleased with debate format
More than 250 Flamborough residents turned out to hear what candidates in the Oct. 27 municipal election had to say at a debate hosted by the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce at Waterdown District High School on Thursday, Oct. 16.
Brenda Jefferies, Review
Flamborough candidates address the issues at Waterdown debate
Questions on taxes, government transparency, seniors’ programming and the relationship between city council and the local school boards were posed to a panel of Ward 14 and 15 candidates at the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce all candidates debate at Waterdown District High School last Thursday. But it was issues surrounding area development and transportation that became a recurring theme for the evening.

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Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Parent's wish list for school board trustee candidates "Well written Mr. Powell! I would like to add: Keep in mind that country kids are tired of being on a school bus for longer than one hour (good weather doesn't happen everyday). That is two hours (minimum) of their lives on a bus each day. Standing in"
Comment by scooter
Saturday, October, 04, 2014 - 3:03:01 AM
Traffic calming measures proposed for Sealey Park neighbourhood "Closing, redirecting and impeding traffic is not the answer. This is not fair to the residents of this area or those of Waterdown. They all deserve the rite to travel through their town/neighbourhood as they wish and require. No one should be enti"
Comment by forall
Tuesday, September, 30, 2014 - 2:02:08 PM
Traffic calming measures proposed for Sealey Park neighbourhood "As a resident of the core, I hate all of these ideas. Any such restrictions would stop me from navigating my own neighbourhood efficiently trying to get home from work, or just getting around for errands. It is a trade-off for us to be living in the "
Comment by wasfou
Eisenberger says opponents ignoring money-saving ideas for Hamilton
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger has castigated his two main opponents, Brad Clark and Brian McHattie, for sitting on their hands, while ignoring potentially lucrative saving opportunities that could improve city services to suburban areas.
People's Platform director says proposals don't address all Hamiltonians
Norman Kearney, campaign director of the People’s Platform acknowledged during a news conference last week the organization could have done things differently to encourage more people to participate in the venture.
Hamilton candidates debate variable development charges
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger has been championing the introduction of a variable development charge to spur construction on in-fill lands, while discouraging building on precious greenfields and curtailing urban sprawl.
Hamilton mayoral candidate Clark refutes claims campaign too negative
Mayoral candidate Brad Clark is refuting claims his campaign has been going negative against his opponents, particularly against former mayor Fred Eisenberger.
Laura Lennie
Hamilton police seek volunteers to assist victims of crime, trauma
Brenda Sharpe and Paul Almas say answering a call from the victim services branch of the Hamilton Police Service is a humbling experience.
Eisenberger supports more funding for Hamilton's food banks
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger says the city needs to provide more financial resources to help struggling community food banks.
File photo by Catherine O'Hara • Review
Police ramp up enforcement of off-road vehicle use in Flamborough
The Hamilton Police Service is ramping up enforcement after receiving an increased number of off-road vehicle complaints from Flamborough residents.
Tanker shuttle testing in Freelton area this weekend
The Hamilton Fire Department will be carrying out Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation testing in Freelton on Sunday (Oct. 19) afternoon.
LRT dominates mayoral debate in Dundas
It was a mayors’ debate that was supposed to focus on social issues. But the two-hour event at the Dundas Baptist Church, sponsored by the Association of Dundas Churches, was hijacked by a former mayoral candidate’s question the light-rail transit proposal.
Hamilton Catholic school board trustees vote to take pay cut
The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board passed an updated honorarium policy for trustees at its Oct. 7 meeting.
Mac Christie • Review
Clark announces transit plan in Waterdown
Hamilton mayoral candidate Brad Clark announced an eight-year transit plan during a Wednesday morning stop in Waterdown.
Mac Christie • Review
Fred Fox recounts Terry's vision during visit to St. Mary
In just their third year holding a Terry Fox Run, St. Mary Catholic Secondary School received a visit from a special member of the Terry Fox Foundation – Terry’s older brother, Fred Fox.
RBG recovery plan hopes to help turtles avoid Dundas roads
Why did the turtles risk it all to cross the busy road in the dark?
Hamilton mayoral candidate Clark proposes foreign investment strategy
U.S. Steel’s Burlington Street property would become Hamilton mayoral candidate Brad Clark’s first opportunity to put his global development plan to work if he’s elected Oct. 27.
Gender equality issues disrupt Hamilton mayoral debate
The issue of gender inequality in Hamilton upstaged a mayor’s debate Oct. 1 at St. Giles Church in downtown Hamilton that had been focused more on infrastructure, jobs, transit and bike lanes.
Hamilton mayoral candidates dismiss poll results
Hamilton’s mayoral candidates downplayed the latest polling results that had former mayor Fred Eisenberger out in front over his two closest competitors Brad Clark and Brian McHattie.
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