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Eoin Blythe

Eoin Blythe

The rolling mountains of Loa Cai province in Viet Nam.

Day 5 – Lao Cai province

Eoin Blythe, Allan A. Greenleaf

Lao Cai is VERY different from Hanoi. It is very open and rarely crowded. There are huge road ways in the newer parts of Lao Cai big enough to fit a lane for cars and a seperate lane for motorcycles.The mountains of Lao Cai are also very beautiful and majestic stretching far out into the distance.

Here we met with the deputy education vice chair of Lao aia. He explained the situation here in Lao Cai. He explained how far his province has come over the last couple years. He also explained that most kids in Lao Cai speak their mother tongue, not Vietnamese. This creates many problems, for Vietnamese schools can only be taught in the national language. Therefore, the children cannot understand the teacher and ultimately drop out of school. There is also a very high amount of poor communities in Lao Cai, they actually have three out of the 62 poorest communities in Vietnam. The children in these communities usually cannot get a hold of the materials they need for school. This is where UNICEF comes in. UNICEF wants to teach kids in their mother tongue and help out the poorer communities with school supplies. We will be going to three UNICEF supported schools in the time we’re here in Lao Cai. We will see the work UNICEF has done and what they are are doing to get these kids a proper education.

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