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Catherine O'Hara • Review

Catherine O'Hara • Review

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak speaks with Flamborough residents during his Town Hall Meeting, hosted by the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce at Dutch Mill Country Market on Thursday morning.

Horsemen need to “keep up the fight,” says Hudak

By Catherine O’Hara • REVIEW STAFF

Progressive Conservative leader, Tim Hudak, outlined his party’s four-point plan aimed at moving the province forward at his Town  Hall Meeting, hosted by the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, at Dutch Mill Country Market this morning.

Roughly 100 guests were in attendance to listen to the Official Opposition’s take on jobs and prosperity, which includes a proposed two-year wage freeze for all public sector employees – a move that would save the province $2 billion annually.

Hudak stressed the Ontario government must “reign in spending, balance the books and pay down debt,” if it wants to continue to thrive.

Following his 15-minute address, Hudak welcomed questions from the audience, some of which centered on the current government’s decision to axe the Slots at Racetracks program, a profit-sharing agreement between the province and the horse racing industry.

Terry, a Flamborough horseman, asked Hudak where he stood on the issue, a matter that puts the jobs of some 60,000 Ontarians at risk and threatens to destroy a $2.6-billion industry.

The decision, said Hudak, “is 100 per cent wrong.” He urged industry members to “keep up the fight.”

Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh also stepped up to speak against terminating the Slots at Racetracks program, encouraging horsemen and the associations that represent them to be vocal about the impending consequences.

An aggressive television advertising campaign, said the Halton MPP, could prove beneficial as the Liberal government responds to public opinion and “bad press.”

“You’ve got to sell yourself,” said Chudleigh.

Check back soon for more on this morning’s meeting.

One Response to “Horsemen need to “keep up the fight,” says Hudak”

  1. WaterdownRulz says:

    Fight fire with fire.
    The hores racing industry should use all avenues including the Freedom of Information Act to expose the known & projected numbers of suicides, bankruptcies, divorces & all of the other pain caused by casinos in Ontario.
    The government will only give in once they see their cash cow is under a microscope with a potential backlash from voters who don’t know the truth/

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