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Winning ticket bought at Sobey’s

A Burlington woman is a million-dollar winner on an Instant Millions card purchased at Sobey’s on Dundas Street in Waterdown. Judy McFadden celebrated her 65th birthday with a surprise dinner and an Instant Millions lottery ticket, which turned out to be one of the best birthday gifts of her life.

“I couldn’t sleep after all the excitement of my birthday dinner, so I got up and scratched the ticket in the middle of the night,” said McFadden in a press release. When she had uncovered the entire card, it became clear that she was a winner of one of the $1 million top prizes on the Instant Millions card.

It was a long wait until the morning, when she and her husband went to the nearest store to validate the ticket. “When it was finally confirmed I had a winning ticket, I honestly just broke out into tears,” she said. “My husband kissed me and said, ‘I love you a million times more!’”

The part-time support worker says she has already thought about how she will spend her windfall. “First I want to help my family, but then I’m going on a cruise and getting some new carpets!” she said with a laugh. “And my husband needs a new truck.”

There are three top prizes of $1 million on Instant Millions. McFadden was the second winner in Ontario.

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