Faith Matters: James Bond: the ultimate hero?
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Faith Matters: James Bond: the ultimate hero?

Flamborough Review

“The name’s Bond, James Bond.”

These famous words can send a tingle down the spine of any wannabe secret agent or just excite lots of men around the world (and women depending on who is portraying Bond!).

As an Englishman and fan of Ian Fleming’s storytelling, I am excited about Skyfall, the latest offering in the James Bond story.

A strong bond

Now, I know James Bond can create lots of interesting discussion, especially around two famous questions: What is the best Bond movie? (Die Another Day is not the answer) and who is the best Bond? (George Lasenby is also not the answer here).

Depending on which generation you are from, you will back your man – Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig.

I personally think Connery was great, but a Scottish Bond doesn’t seem right, now does it.

So while the debate rages, there is one thing we are agreed on: Bond is a hero whose job is to wade into desperate situations and fix the problem.

Bond goes into dangerous, often seemingly impossible situations and pulls off a rescue. Bond keeps getting called in to put his life on the line. There’s a common theme here and that is, there is always a bad guy trying to destroy something or wreak havoc.

The weird and wonderful “baddies” show that there are huge problems in the world. I think we have a soft spot for Bond – like other movie heroes –  because we all hope that someone will step in and save the world.

As  Christians, we see the narrative of the fictional James Bond stories mirroring the story of the Bible.

True hero

We see in the book of Genesis that God created the world perfectly, but the world is broken and it says that humanity is the problem. We need someone to come to our rescue.

In the New Testament, we hear that God, the hero of the story, steps in to heal the problem.

In John 1 in the New Testament, it says that God became a human being – in the person of Jesus – and put his life on the line and ultimately sacrificed his life so the ultimate problem – man wanting to play God – could be fixed.

Now that is a story that sends a tingle down the spine and a story worth getting excited about.

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