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Garry Flood, Special
FACES OF FLAMBOROUGH: Margaret Cooper, wartime codebreaker
Margaret Cooper moved to Canada from England in 1945. She and her husband Craig lived in Hamilton for two years, but wanted to live in the country, so they bought a farm on the 8th Concession East in 1947 and she has lived in Flamborough ever since.
POLICE BLOTTER: Hamilton police arrest suspect in attempted fraud
The Hamilton Police Service responded to several calls in Flamborough over the past week.

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Sunday, December, 07, 2014 - 7:07:36 PM
FAITH MATTERS: Worth the wait "Let me get this straight. God does nothing in your life. Utter silence for your whole life and suddenly something happens that you then attribute to this specific god who sent himself down to be tortured to death for sins you never committed... F"
Comment by jimbasin
Wednesday, December, 03, 2014 - 3:03:04 AM
PARLIAMENT HILL: New benefits boost vets and families "On the surface $200 Million sounds like a great deal of money, a significant investment the government is making to those that have and who are serving in our Armed Forces. What most people may not be aware of (the smoke) is that the funding is to be"
Comment by MrClyde
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:35 PM
Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate "I AM a member of the Liberal Party who was present and voted at the nomination, and advocated for local Liberal candidate Ian Dunlop, who spoke in English and French, a well-spoken author experienced in our local affairs and schooled in economic deve"
Comment by Wayne Powell
Scout volunteers make a difference
In February, the Carlisle Scouts celebrate the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts movement.
Freelton reader seeking reliable rural hydro service
I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, so given the regularity of outages in this area, I am thinking that the infrastructure needs fixing.
Piles of thanks to shovelers from walker
To the property owners in the Village of Waterdown who conscientiously clear the snow from their sidewalks and driveways: THANK YOU!
File photo
PARLIAMENT HILL: Reducing gridlock
Grappling with traffic on area highways on any weekday morning or evening is a daily frustration for many Waterdown and Flamborough commuters. While I count myself fortunate to avoid some of this when in Ottawa, on the weeks that I am at home I know all too well the urgency of the problem.
Eric Riehl, MWMG
MY VIEW: Just hop on the bus
Recently, Hamilton’s politicians were challenged to use public transit for five days. While a few councillors embraced the challenge, some had no choice but to decline because the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) doesn’t extend its service into the rural areas of our city
Don't miss this opportunity
Last Friday’s announcement that the Ontario Ministry of Education plans to kick in $10 million to build a new school in Beverly and upgrade the existing Spencer Valley School in Greensville – part of a $19-million funding commitment to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board – was a welcome one indeed, and a natural follow-up to the comprehensive accommodation review process west Flamborough’s public school communities were engaged in at this time last year.
Decreasing the risks on our roads
Last week, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released statistics related to the hundreds of fatal motor vehicle crashes it has investigated province-wide over the last decade (2005-14).
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: Cheering for losses
It’s that time of year again.
COMMUNITY COLUMN: Hamilton, united
In Hamilton, the system of area rating for transit means different parts of the city pay different tax rates toward transit and, in turn, receive service levels commensurate with how much they contribute.
End area rating, but offer all same services
Hamilton Councillor Sam Merulla wants to end area rating for transit.
FAITH MATTERS: Change is good
As much as we want things to be better – a better more peaceful world, a better job, better health – there is nothing scarier for most humans than change.
File photo
SENIORS ON THE MOVE: Do you know a nominee?
Nominations now open for Hamilton Senior of the Year award.
Hamilton, divided
A house divided against itself cannot stand, but some politicians and Hamiltonians want to bring the entire city structure crashing down.
Review file photo
FROM THE GARDEN SHED: Get the most out of your rhodos
As a lover of rhododendrons, I clearly live in the wrong part of the world. These delightful spring-flowering, mostly evergreen shrubs require acidic soil, and we live on a foundation of limestone.
No increase for police
Though it has been made clear for years that the present police budget is unsustainable, council again seems to be in agreement with another increase.
Clarifying the numbers on emissions due to stop signs
The letter in defence of four-way stops perfectly illustrates how unsafe they can be.
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