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POLICE BEAT: Several Flamborough break-ins last week
The week of April 6 to 13 was a busy one in Flamborough, especially on April 10 and 13.
Brenda Jefferies
MY VIEW: No place like home
My role keeps me firmly planted at my desk, copy editing, posting online and laying out their wonderful stories and images as they come in. Once in a while, someone passes by and dusts me off and I’m good to go. Last Friday was no ordinary workday.

Do you think the school board's closure process is reflective of the needs of the community?

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Friday, April, 11, 2014 - 4:04:46 PM
POLICE DAILY-APRIL 10: E-bike driver attempts to elude Hamilton police "That 19 year old will have to have a huge bank account after his fine and insurance goes up."
Comment by texascanuk
Wednesday, April, 02, 2014 - 2:02:35 AM
Delegations on future of West Flamborough schools will be heard April 29 "We have the highest EQAO performance for Grade 3 in HWDSB We have a 100-year tradition 41 year tradition for Turkey & Skate 25 year tradition for Go for Green We have children that deserve to get to school within 45 minutes each day -- we don"
Comment by skardiel
Tuesday, April, 01, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Committee approves strategies to address Waterdown’s traffic woes "There I was thinking this sort of assessment should probably have been conducted before the massive construction of more houses at both ends of the "village" What a blessed relief that Judi has decided to start to do some assessments whilst the re"
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FLAMBOROUGH SENIORS: The tale of the Easter bunny
The Easter bunny has its origin in pre-Christian fertility lore. The hare and the rabbit were the most fertile animals known and they served as symbols of the new life during the Spring season.
Submitted photo
FAITH MATTERS: Hunting for Easter's meaning
I have a confession to make: I still get a little excited every year when the Easter Crème Eggs reappear on the shelves of convenience stores. How they pack so much chocolatey sweetness into one small egg astounds me!
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ON THE BOOKS: What the library mean to you?
I've always known that the public library is one of the best and most lasting experiences in my life. As the only child of immigrant parents in England, the library was my opportunity to discover so many books I wanted to read. These books took me places both real and imagined and opened up a much bigger world.
HAPPINESS: Test drive your capacity to care
What is it that you desire most?
Review file photo
FROM THE GARDEN SHED: By any other name
There are probably more quotations about roses than any other flower. We’ve all heard that we should stop and smell them. If you want to take that advice literally, it’s more convenient if you actually have roses in your own garden, at least during the growing season. The rest of the year you’ll have to take it figuratively.
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QUEEN'S PARK: Running and Vision
The Around the Bay run on Sunday, March 30 was another great example of the fabulous Hamilton spirit.
POLICE BEAT: Motorcycles on Flamborough roads this spring
Hello Flamborough. Hopefully spring has finally arrived. There were lots of folks out over the weekend working on their gardens.
FAITH MATTERS: Spring is a time for rebirth
Looking outside, we see there is the hope of spring. People are walking to destinations, walking their dogs, trying to wash their cars, and attempting the beginnings of spring cleaning. Our hope is that the sun will feel warmer and with the days getting longer, people will come out of hibernation and we can be more of a community together than during long, cold, winter months.
Mac Christie, Special
TOUCH OF CLASS: Coffeehouse Cure raises more than $800
Waterdown District High School students are enjoying the weather, and the semester has been filled with positivity so far.
Stay safe this spring
I want to remind the folks in our community to remember to be safe as the spring is approaching us.
Be aware of the real costs of using bottled water
John Challinor’s letter last week (Bottled water doesn’t compete with tap water, March 27) was exactly what I would expect from someone who profits from selling bottled water.
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LISTEN LAUGH INSPIRE: Giving your child a voice
As a member of the WDHS Student Parliament, I know how important it is as a teenager to be involved and to have a voice.
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FAITH MATTERS: Truth and Reconciliation
As I write this, I am listening to young aboriginal musicians singing, fiddling, drumming and dancing to honour their elders who are survivors of the Indian Residential Schools.
Mario Carr
LOOKING UP: By the red light of the moon
A red sky at night, is a sailor's delight but what happens when the full moon turns blood red?
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: Check the video - finally
Although some days may not feel like it, the calendar is soon turning to April and that means one thing – at least for me – baseball season.
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PARLIAMENT HILL: Agreement means trade opportunities
First, my congratulations and thanks to all involved with the Rockton Dinner Theatre for another great production. I always enjoy helping with the dinner and the play is always entertaining!
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