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Brenda Jefferies
MY VIEW: Something to say? Write on
If I’ve learned anything in my 14 years on the editorial staff here at the Review, it’s that people in Flamborough have strong opinions – lots of them. And that’s a good thing, because we want to hear them. Really.
POLICE BEAT: Rash of break-ins, vehicle thefts in Flamborough
During the week of July 6 to July 13 the following incidents of auto theft and home entries occurred.

Do you think tougher bylaws will help curb dumping in west Flamborough?

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Friday, July, 11, 2014 - 6:06:42 PM
North end of Carlisle's William Street to be closed off "Even considering closing Williams Rd. is an illogical and asinine move. 300 cars a day. So What. That is lightly traveled in this area. That is what roads are for. It is not an official Bypass. It is simply people taking the most expedient (and Gree"
Comment by G.M. Baker
Saturday, June, 14, 2014 - 4:04:07 AM
Skelly: 'A very dark day for Ontarians' "Donna Skelly said: “Tonight was just not our night, but someday ADFW will turn blue.” That may be true. But it will take choosing a new leader who is not way out there on the ultra-right-wing-tea-party-lunatic-fringe. Ms Skelly may be angry ..."
Comment by thehighwayman
Saturday, June, 07, 2014 - 3:03:58 PM
It's time for a change "I am no fan of the Liberal government and their recent policies but to follow a plan (Tea Party politics) which even the American Right has rejected is simply ludicrous. As for your rational for change and a Conservative backing; see below. Toda"
Comment by Neal Shaw
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FLAMBOROUGH SENIORS: How to be a better grandparent
There are as many different roles for grandparents as there are different family configurations and needs. Some grandparenting requires a full-time commitment. For others, grandparenting is a weekend together, an afternoon play date, a summer vacation, a chat on the phone, or occasional emails.
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ON THE BOOKS: Summer Reading Club fun
This year’s TD Summer Reading Club activities are designed to engage Hamilton families in the spirit of curiosity and hands-on discovery with programming to encourage making friends, making time, making a mess and making memories.
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FAITH MATTERS: Praying through the Psalms
When we are confronted with suffering and loss, what do we do?
Pastor Matt Pamplin
FAITH MATTERS: Quenching our thirst
When summer truly hits in Ontario one thing that you don’t want to find out unexpectedly is that your air conditioning unit isn’t working.
POLICE BEAT: Thieves smash window, jimmy lock in attempt to steal vehicle
Flamborough officers were kept busy this past week with the usual calls for service.
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QUEEN'S PARK: A great country
Like most of you Canada Day makes me feel both proud and fortunate. It was also a very busy day for me as I travelled across our great Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough and Westdale communities attending a variety of events, including a swearing-in ceremony of new citizens at Waterdown’s Memorial Park.
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LOOKING UP: Solar Thurdays program returns to RBG
If the rings of Saturn blew you away when you first looked though a telescope, just wait until you see the Sun.
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If you talk to any teen about their favourite summer memories, it is most likely they happened after dark.
Eric Riehl, MWMG
MY VIEW: Soft kitty, warm kitty
Regular readers of this column will recall my run in with an outdoor cat that decided to make it part of his routine to frequent our humble abode a year or so ago.
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FLAMBOROUGH SENIORS: Preventing memory loss
In the last column we talked about memory loss and what is normal about it. This time, we’ll outline practices that contribute to healthy memory:
Brenda Jefferies
MY VIEW: Turn, turn turn
Just like that – summer is here. And while I usually greet the season with eager anticipation of longer, lazier days, a slower pace and a chance to regroup and reconnect, this year is different.
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PARLIAMENT HILL: A day to be patriotic
Canada Day is the one time of year when we as Canadians can be unabashedly patriotic. While we may have a reputation for being hard-working, yet humble people, it’s important to take one day annually to celebrate what makes Canada the best country in the world and honour those in history and on the battlefield who helped make it so.
Garry Flood, Special
FACES OF FLAMBOROUGH - Ben Sylvester: A future so bright
Ben Sylvester has lived in Waterdown his whole life, with his parents and two brothers. He says the brothers fought a lot when they were younger, but now that they are older, they try to mentally outwit each other instead. Family is important to him; for example, he tries to visit his grandparents in Burlington every week.
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FAITH MATTERS: A fresh perspective
I confess that I take my citizenship for granted most of the time. But June 20 was World Refugee Day and I had the privilege of meeting some amazing people who are making Canada their new home. Wesley Urban Ministries, which helps settle government-sponsored refugees, invited the community to experience the journey of a refugee.
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: The spoils of victory
When the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup last week, viewers got to see the iconic Stanley Cup championship image: captain Dustin Brown triumphantly hoisting the Cup to the sky.
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FROM THE VAULT: On the map
Flamborough was the last of the original 13 townships Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe ordered Augustus Jones to survey.
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