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PARLIAMENT HILL: Economy tops government priorities
As I write this month’s column, Parliament is back in session and the federal government is focused on a few key priorities for 2015: economic and financial security, creating and protecting jobs, lower taxes for families, and keeping Canada and Canadians safe in a dangerous and uncertain world.
POLICE BEAT: Thieves keep dog quiet with leftovers
Residential entries, a high-speed pursuit and an online scam kept Hamilton Police busy in the Flamborough area over the past week.

Should newspapers refrain from publishing satirical images to avoid offending readers?

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Sunday, December, 07, 2014 - 7:07:36 PM
FAITH MATTERS: Worth the wait "Let me get this straight. God does nothing in your life. Utter silence for your whole life and suddenly something happens that you then attribute to this specific god who sent himself down to be tortured to death for sins you never committed... F"
Comment by jimbasin
Wednesday, December, 03, 2014 - 3:03:04 AM
PARLIAMENT HILL: New benefits boost vets and families "On the surface $200 Million sounds like a great deal of money, a significant investment the government is making to those that have and who are serving in our Armed Forces. What most people may not be aware of (the smoke) is that the funding is to be"
Comment by MrClyde
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:35 PM
Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate "I AM a member of the Liberal Party who was present and voted at the nomination, and advocated for local Liberal candidate Ian Dunlop, who spoke in English and French, a well-spoken author experienced in our local affairs and schooled in economic deve"
Comment by Wayne Powell
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YOUTH CORNER: Are you up for the challenge?
The Centre for Youth Excellence is a space in our community dedicated to the cultivation of seeing the hope and potential in every young person.
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Last week was the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, celebrated by the World Council of Churches (which includes many Orthodox and Protestant churches) and the Roman Catholic Church.
Eric Riehl, MWMG
MY VIEW: Turn the page
I am an equal opportunity reader. By that, I mean that I will read just about anything. From news stories to magazine articles, fictional novels to biographies, I don’t discriminate.
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POLICE BEAT: Hamilton major fraud unit investigating phone scam
Hamilton police were called to assist several incidents in the Flamborough area over the past week.
Brenda Jefferies
MY VIEW: Here comes the judge
I eyed the box sitting on the chair by the door. It had arrived just before Christmas and, like the deadline-driven creature that I am, I let it sit unopened until the holidays were winding down
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GROUP EFFORT: Finding support
It’s not the type of group one usually chooses to belong to. Membership is dictated more by need than want.
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The world is still coming to grips with the attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. We have seen the signs: Je Suis Charlie – ‘I am Charlie.’
Garry Flood, Special
FACES OF FLAMBOROUGH: Pat Mcnally-A passion for people and places
When centenarian Pat McNally looks back on his life, he often has a twinkle in his eye.
Don McCabe
RURAL MATTERS: Welcoming 2015
For the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), the New Year means it’s back to work championing the needs of Ontario farmers to all three levels of government, with commodity and industry partners.
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FROM THE GARDEN SHED: Low maintenance beauty
While many avid gardeners experience horticultural withdrawal in the winter, those less enthusiastic about getting dirt under their nails view the off-season as a welcome break from outdoor chores
POLICE BEAT: Thieves snatch daily cash deposit from employee’s car in plaza lot
Police were called to assist with a number of varied events in Flamborough over the past week.
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My mother died suddenly last fall.
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SENIORS ON THE MOVE: Old recipes, old memories
I read the following article in the Senior Lifetimes magazine and it brought back memories of my mother’s recipe box that I still have stored safely in my cupboard.
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QUEEN'S PARK: Remembering a friend and mentor
On Dec. 30, I received an email from my good friend Eric Cunningham.
Shauna Deathe, WDHS Co-op student
MY VIEW: Live outside the box
It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect on the year behind you and look forward to the one ahead.
POLICE BEAT: Masked suspects smash windows, gain entry into Hwy. 5 gas station
Hello, I am Cst. Chris Hicks and I will be the new Dundas Policing Centre officer.
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