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PARLIAMENT HILL: Riding for youth
The leaves are beginning to turn on some of the early trees, but it’s still great weather for a motorcycle ride.
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FAITH MATTERS: Forgiveness
The Brown family, the Foley family, families in Gaza and Israel, and so many others have experienced the rending loss of sons and daughters. For them, forgiveness must seem impossible, but forgiveness is the only path to healing for all hurting people.

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Monday, August, 25, 2014 - 2:02:59 PM
Preventing youth workplace injuries focus of provincial safety blitz "Employing young workers is another issue that we should not ignore. I've read lots of news about young employees being harassed, discriminated, injured, etc. and this is not good. Proper authorities should continue to monitor companies or business em"
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Thursday, August, 14, 2014 - 6:06:24 AM
Flamborough Soccer players face off at CANUSA "Flamborough soccer players and brothers Cameron and Iain McRae also participated in U14 and U16 respectively, their second year representing Canada at CANUSA. The U16 boys tied with Flint, MI and Flint won the U14 series. CANUSA is a wonderful expe"
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Tuesday, July, 29, 2014 - 12:12:01 PM
UPDATE: Peel police say standoff in Flamborough resolved "peacefully" "I live on hwy 5 and they came threw a 60km zone well over a 100km!! Is that a safe pursuit?? There was about 8 peel region police in a row about 5 seconds behind him doin well over a 100km"
Comment by BanSHee
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: Soak yourself for ALS
I did it. I had a large bucket (actually a cooler) full of freezing cold water dumped on my head.
POLICE BEAT: Police field numerous complaints about off-road vehicles in Flamborough
Over the past couple weeks an increase in calls to the Hamilton Police Service crime manager’s office have been recorded after individuals in our community failed to comply with provincial law associated with the use of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes.
POLIC BEAT: Telemarketing scam reported
The following incidents occurred in Flamborough last week:
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FROM THE VAULT: Searching property records
A search of the first East Flamborough Township Land Registry Abstract Index showed that George Baker’s purchase of Lot 8, Concession 5, East Flamborough Township in 1822 was conducted without the request for a mortgage to cover the cost.
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FAITH MATTERS: Protest the bad things
I’m back in Waterdown after a summer holiday in Prince Edward Island.
Eric Riehl, MWMG
MY VIEW: An infectious obsession
Call me crazy, but the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has me searching the web for one of those big, white astronaut suits – a protective garment I’m prepared to wear in an attempt to decrease my chances of contracting the virus.
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Hamilton Public Library helps gets kids back to school
These summer days have flown by so quickly; it’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start thinking about back to school. As we soak up the last few weeks of summer fun and summer reading, anticipation is building as students of all ages get ready to head back to school.
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POLICE BEAT: Copper wire stolen, cars entered
Officers responded to the usual number of calls this past week.
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: Joy and sadness
When news broke on Twitter Monday night that Robin Williams had died, I at first hoped it was a mistake. Another celebrity death hoax.
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QUEEN'S PARK: Building bridges
At its upcoming meeting in London, Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) will pay tribute and bid farewell to outgoing President Russ Powers. Councillor Powers has served our local community with distinction for over 32 years and amazingly also found time to lead both the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and AMO.
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FLAMBOROUGH SENIORS: The downsizing dilemma
A move for an older adult is often an emotionally charged event.
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FAITH MATTERS: Thinking about heaven
I seem to be thinking a lot about heaven lately, it’s really been on my mind for a few different reasons.
Brenda Jefferies
MY VIEW: Waxing lyrical
As pre-teens my best friend Susan and I had what can legitimately be termed a unique hobby, since I’ve never really heard of anyone else who did it: we collected song lyrics.
Mac Christie, Review
LISTEN LAUGH INSPIRE: Great expectations
“Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief” is a game I played as a child with gooseberry pits and my children played with cherries that determined what we’d be or who we’d marry. Of course we couldn’t eat more than five as no one wanted to be, or marry, the last few. If only it were this easy!
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FROM THE VAULT: Searching property records
Turning the pages in the first of the Abstract Index Books for the Township of East Flamborough that document the ownership of Lot 8, Concession 5, it revealed who the first owner of the property had been and it had not been the Baker family.
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FAITH MATTERS: Sibling rivalry
I wonder how many parents are noticing the phenomenon of sibling rivalry.
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