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Do some research before getting flu shot

Re: Time to get the flu shot, Review, September 27

I wanted to voice my opinion, backed by evidence, that vaccines, of any sort, are dangerous.

The first vaccine was developed in the late 1700s in England when cowpox pus was inserted under the skin of an eight-year-old in the belief that it would make people immune to smallpox. What happened over the next century was an epidemic of small pox incidents, to 95 per cent of the population.

A 2012 study by Dr. Witt, an infectious disease specialist in California, found  whooping cough is more prevalent in vaccinated children that those who are not vaccinated. In 2010, a mumps outbreak occurred in New Jersey in more than 1,000 children, over 80 per cent of whom had been vaccinated with the MMR shot. A study in New Zealand found that children born after 1977, who were vaccinated, were 25 per cent more likely to contract asthma. Finally, in June of this year, a couple in Italy won their court case when it was conclusively established that the MMR vaccine had triggered autism in their child. The MMR shot in Italy contains the same “ingredients” as in North America.

There are web links to dozens of cases that have proven vaccines trigger all sorts of diseases in children. Allopathic medicine is not interested in curing. It only treats symptoms and pushes invasive procedures of surgery and medicine that create more complications. Also, Health Canada does not perform any independent studies of any drug. They simply review the data supplied to them by the companies seeking approval.

Do your due diligence, become enlightened and educated about what is going in you and your children. Hopefully you will realize you are being deceived and much of the information you need to know is being suppressed.

Kevin Inglehart

One Response to “Do some research before getting flu shot”

  1. triscar says:

    Backed by evidence??????

    I find it entertaining that Mr. Inglehart is encouraging others to do their due diligence without actually doing his own. I wonder whether he has actually read Dr. Witt et. al.’s actual article in a peer reviewed journal or the associated editorial commentary. Having read the article I came away with a message of a review of the current vaccine schedule is required and a suggestion of another booster to prevent an EPIDEMIC should be evaluated. Does Mr. Inglehart have a suggestion for disease prevention in lieu of vaccination? Perhaps Mr. Inglehart could do some internet research on individuals who depend on herd immunity for infectious disease protection. His summation of the pioneering work of Dr. Jenner in vaccine development is as confusing as it is incorrect. Mr Inglehart needs to learn that a legal finding is in no way scientific proof and that “the internet proved it” is not an appropriate reference. The Flamborough review should also evaluate their role in the community to publish such ill-informed and blatantly incorrect information when public health is at stake.

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