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The lifeblood of Flamborough
The extent of their impact is difficult to measure, but just imagine what our community would be like without volunteers.
School closure process flawed
The process used by school boards, and by extension, the provincial government, to close outdated facilities is a nightmare.

Do you think the school board's closure process is reflective of the needs of the community?

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Friday, April, 11, 2014 - 4:04:46 PM
POLICE DAILY-APRIL 10: E-bike driver attempts to elude Hamilton police "That 19 year old will have to have a huge bank account after his fine and insurance goes up."
Comment by texascanuk
Wednesday, April, 02, 2014 - 2:02:35 AM
Delegations on future of West Flamborough schools will be heard April 29 "We have the highest EQAO performance for Grade 3 in HWDSB We have a 100-year tradition 41 year tradition for Turkey & Skate 25 year tradition for Go for Green We have children that deserve to get to school within 45 minutes each day -- we don"
Comment by skardiel
Tuesday, April, 01, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Committee approves strategies to address Waterdown’s traffic woes "There I was thinking this sort of assessment should probably have been conducted before the massive construction of more houses at both ends of the "village" What a blessed relief that Judi has decided to start to do some assessments whilst the re"
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What are you doing to mark Earth Hour in Flamborough?
What are your plans for this coming Saturday night – specifically between the hour of 8:30-9:30 p.m?
In through the out door in Hamilton
The paradox of post-amalgamation politics in Hamilton is this: while several of the seats at the council table are still occupied by the representatives first elected to serve their wards three terms ago, the mayor’s office has been a revolving door that spits out incumbents every four years.
A caring Hamilton?
Hamilton has always been recognized as a caring community to its diverse residents.
Higher fines may not be enough
In Ontario, the fine facing motorists caught driving while distracted is about to increase from $155 to $280, effective March 18.
Let's just chill out
We are three months into a harsh Canadian winter. The unrelenting cold continues. Snow, ice, freezing rain and other forms of gelid precipitation keep falling. Snowbanks have been obstructing our vision and walking the sidewalks has become a balancing act thanks to the buildup of slush that melts, then refreezes.
Keep the flag waving – even after the Olympics
Canadians are known for being a demure lot, but as our Olympic athletes make their presence felt on the medal podium this month, it’s a reminder of all that should be a source of pride.
Clearing up
Hamilton takes care of its roads, trims its own trees, plants flowers on its boulevards and cuts the grass on municipality-owned medians. So why doesn’t it take care of its sidewalks?
Move over - it's the law
Police officers know that dealing with dangerous people often comes with the job.
Playing catch-up
How many more innocent lives will be publicly destroyed before Canada finally starts prosecuting cyberbullies?
Watching out for seniors
Snow and ice storms and the colder weather in general bring many risks and hazards, especially for seniors. We need to keep an eye on our elderly loved ones, friends and neighbours.
Promises, promises
There’s no doubt: this is an election year. Why else would the subject of municipal amalgamation be pre-occupying our local leaders?
Off and running
Ten months may seem like a long time. But before you know it, we’ll be heading to the polls to cast our votes to choose our municipal leaders and school board trustees
The calm after the storm
Patience and calm – two qualities that were likely in short supply for those who were unprepared for a prolonged period of time without hydro during the December 21 ice storm – have returned to Flamborough.
Be ready to roll on winter roads
Mother Nature has given us plenty of reminders lately that it's time to think about winter safety on the road and make sure our vehicles are ready to toake on cold weather and harsh driving conditions.
Driver's seat
Ours is a car culture.
A Christmas challenge
This Christmas, the Flamborough Review is issuing a challenge to our community:
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