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Death by distraction
With distracted driving fatalities in Ontario on pace to surpass impaired driving deaths for the seventh consecutive year, it’s clear the punishment in this province for inattentive motorists is not proving to be an adequate deterrent.
Power in numbers
It’s one thing for the power to go out during an especially extended period of sub-zero weather.

Should newspapers refrain from publishing satirical images to avoid offending readers?

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Sunday, December, 07, 2014 - 7:07:36 PM
FAITH MATTERS: Worth the wait "Let me get this straight. God does nothing in your life. Utter silence for your whole life and suddenly something happens that you then attribute to this specific god who sent himself down to be tortured to death for sins you never committed... F"
Comment by jimbasin
Wednesday, December, 03, 2014 - 3:03:04 AM
PARLIAMENT HILL: New benefits boost vets and families "On the surface $200 Million sounds like a great deal of money, a significant investment the government is making to those that have and who are serving in our Armed Forces. What most people may not be aware of (the smoke) is that the funding is to be"
Comment by MrClyde
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:35 PM
Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate "I AM a member of the Liberal Party who was present and voted at the nomination, and advocated for local Liberal candidate Ian Dunlop, who spoke in English and French, a well-spoken author experienced in our local affairs and schooled in economic deve"
Comment by Wayne Powell
Schools need current curricula
While parents – especially any who become incensed at the thought of anything of a sexual nature being discussed with their pre-adolescent aged child – have the right to be concerned about Ontario’s newly-unveiled sex-education curriculum, few should be surprised by its content.
POLICE BLOTTER: Hamilton police arrest suspect in attempted fraud
The Hamilton Police Service responded to several calls in Flamborough over the past week.
Don't miss this opportunity
Last Friday’s announcement that the Ontario Ministry of Education plans to kick in $10 million to build a new school in Beverly and upgrade the existing Spencer Valley School in Greensville – part of a $19-million funding commitment to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board – was a welcome one indeed, and a natural follow-up to the comprehensive accommodation review process west Flamborough’s public school communities were engaged in at this time last year.
Decreasing the risks on our roads
Last week, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released statistics related to the hundreds of fatal motor vehicle crashes it has investigated province-wide over the last decade (2005-14).
Hamilton, divided
A house divided against itself cannot stand, but some politicians and Hamiltonians want to bring the entire city structure crashing down.
Never again
If a single name could define the most profound evil of which humans are capable and do so in every known language, that name would be Auschwitz.
We are all Charlie
This month’s attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is shocking, but not surprising.
Increased risk
When you purchase a lottery ticket or enter a casino, the mantra from the OLG is ‘know your limit, play within it.’
Living with coyotes
It’s not all that uncommon to hear about coyotes snatching up smaller dogs left unattended. But the wild canines, now living so close to settled areas across the GTA, seem to be getting more brazen.
Government is supposed to help people
The newly established Ontario Liberal government may have had a demoralizing week last week, but it is the taxpayers who will suffer the full brunt of the government’s ineptitude.
Reaching out to those in crisis
For most people, the holidays bring joy, excitement and a chance to reconnect with family and friends.
A holiday reminder
The first snowfall and Christmas music reverberating through every retail establishment has brought to everyone’s attention that we have officially entered the holiday season.
Openness at City Hall
One of the predominate themes Hamilton voters told their prospective politicians during the recent election was to be open and transparent on difficult and important decisions.
Make season bright for local businesses
As the voice of the community, we are encouraging residents who are spending money this holiday season to make sure their dollars stay close to home.
What will it take?
The disturbingly low voter turnout levels for October’s municipal election – just a shade above 34 per cent, the lowest in the past four elections – have spawned a search for something that could result in more people taking the time to actually vote.
Unified force
Kevin Vickers, the House of Commons sergeant-at-arms, has become an instant folk hero, and rightly so.
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