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Safe in the sun
Frequently in this space, the Flamborough Review offers safety reminders to residents who are busy planning their leisure time.
Treading a fine line in downtown Hamilton core
Despite stories in the press trumpeting the success of Hamilton’s downtown, there remains a constant fear on the part of residents, especially in the suburban areas, that if they take in a show at Theatre Aquarius, or eat in a nice restaurant on James Street, they’ll be walking through a dangerous concrete jungle.

Do you think area police services provide enough crime information to the public?

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Tuesday, July, 29, 2014 - 12:12:01 PM
UPDATE: Peel police say standoff in Flamborough resolved "peacefully" "I live on hwy 5 and they came threw a 60km zone well over a 100km!! Is that a safe pursuit?? There was about 8 peel region police in a row about 5 seconds behind him doin well over a 100km"
Comment by BanSHee
Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 6:06:21 PM
Big Red says goodbye to Waterdown "You will be missed on Parkside, an icon for so long, I enjoyed driving by and and seeing the newly refurbished bikes you worked on. Such a great talent, it would be a shame and a waste if you weren't able to carry on, at least with the bikes, in Bur"
Comment by acbr66
Monday, July, 21, 2014 - 9:09:15 PM
Big Red says goodbye to Waterdown "I am sorry to see him go..."
Comment by dhunnam
Nikki Wesley, MWMG
MY VIEW: Filling up on food
I recently had the good fortune of judging at Waterdown’s Ribfest, sampling the best saucy and smoked delights the vendors had to offer.
There's no place for rage on our roads
Take a deep breath — and drive on.
Bumbling and stumbling to the finish line
If anybody in Hamilton was surprised that Infrastructure Ontario and Ontario Sports Solutions, the consortium building the new Tim Hortons Field, won’t be finished the stadium until, at the earliest, August, then they must have been living in a cave somewhere.
Have fun, be safe on water
It’s finally time to enjoy all that a Canadian summer has to offer, which for many families means a trip to the lakeside cottage
Going down the road – together
With an extended Canada Day long weekend launching the summer of 2014, many residents are switching to bicycles to get from point A to point B.
Ontario's power play
The recent provincial election campaign dredged up the ghosts of premiers past.
web Ontariovoteslogo
It's time for a change
We believe it is again time for Ontario to undergo a change of party in power.
West Flamborough ARC: A job well done
Once again, David has stood up to Goliath – and managed to take down the giant. Or, as in the case of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s move this week to keep Millgrove Public School open, make him listen and make the decision.
Fix the system – cast a vote
Sometimes, as in the case of at least one letter-writer this week, making sense of the world of politics is a frustrating exercise. On that point, we agree.
Kicking off summer – safely
With one of the worst winters seemingly just a couple of weeks behind us thanks to an extremely slow start to spring, it’s hard to believe the unofficial start to summer is right around the corner.
Apathetic voters, unite!
Election campaigns matter. And if those campaigns are even mildly interesting with a message that can captivate the public, they can also provide some hope to voters that they are not powerlessness in the game of government.
It's time to take the plunge
With the April showers out of the way, we’re hoping to see some fresh debate spring up around the key issues in this October’s municipal election.
When – and how – will you retire?
To paraphrase a well-known credit card commercial, what’s in your pension plan?
The lifeblood of Flamborough
The extent of their impact is difficult to measure, but just imagine what our community would be like without volunteers.
School closure process flawed
The process used by school boards, and by extension, the provincial government, to close outdated facilities is a nightmare.
What are you doing to mark Earth Hour in Flamborough?
What are your plans for this coming Saturday night – specifically between the hour of 8:30-9:30 p.m?
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