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Stop signs waste fuel, bad for the environment
I was surprised to read that “drivers rolling through stop signs” is a key issue for our local police management team (Flamborough Review, January 15).
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The 2015 Community Guide is currently being updated and will be released in mid April.

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Sunday, December, 07, 2014 - 7:07:36 PM
FAITH MATTERS: Worth the wait "Let me get this straight. God does nothing in your life. Utter silence for your whole life and suddenly something happens that you then attribute to this specific god who sent himself down to be tortured to death for sins you never committed... F"
Comment by jimbasin
Wednesday, December, 03, 2014 - 3:03:04 AM
PARLIAMENT HILL: New benefits boost vets and families "On the surface $200 Million sounds like a great deal of money, a significant investment the government is making to those that have and who are serving in our Armed Forces. What most people may not be aware of (the smoke) is that the funding is to be"
Comment by MrClyde
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:35 PM
Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate "I AM a member of the Liberal Party who was present and voted at the nomination, and advocated for local Liberal candidate Ian Dunlop, who spoke in English and French, a well-spoken author experienced in our local affairs and schooled in economic deve"
Comment by Wayne Powell
Act dampened neighbourhood's Christmas spirit
This is about vandalism and theft of large Christmas articles in the neighbourhood behind Pickard’s Peanuts.
Light theft may be caught on camera
Early on Sun., Dec. 28, someone stole the spotlights from our front lawn.
Knitters in the community help WI make a difference
The Strabane Women’s Institute would like to thank our many knitters for all the work that they do.
Sincere thanks to the Waterdown food bank
I just wanted to say a very big “thank you” to each and every person who gave of themselves to make Christmas an extremely special time of year.
Kudos on quick installation of Hwy. 6 snow fences
I noticed that this year no snow fences had been erected on the west side of Hwy. 6 between Carlisle Road and Parkside Drive.
Hamilton council must hold the line on police budget
I, and a great many others, feel that past Hamilton councils have been negligent in not holding the police budgets to a zero increase, at least every other year.
Sponsors, volunteers key to food bank programs
On behalf of the Flamborough Food Bank, thank you to all of the many sponsors and donors who have given so freely to meet the needs of our neighbours this year.
Wentworth Junior Farmers working for a better tomorrow
When people hear Junior Farmers (JF), some tend to picture a bunch of young people clad in overalls and plaid, milking their cows or working the fields
Waterdown Food Bank is a hive of activity
To our fantastic volunteers: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
submitted photo
Thanks to all who supported Mona’s Journey
Mona Mehlenbacher’s Journey to Recovery event was held Sat., Nov. 29 at the McKinnon Park Secondary School in Caledonia.
Community support helps Millgrove Go-for-Green
Back in October, Millgrove Elementary School held its fall Go-for-Green day.
Local Baha’is share the joy of the holidays
Often people at this time of year ask if the Baha’is celebrate Christmas and what Christmas means to a Baha’i.
Recent blood donations helped CBS through critical situation
On behalf of Canadian Blood Services, I’d like to sincerely thank residents of this community who responded to our recent urgent appeal for blood.
Community event will help make church accessible
October 18 was a tremendous time in Millgrove, as the Community Centre was full of people enjoying soup, chili and Elvis in the building!
Help keep small town shops, service alive
Recently, I was in a local grocery store and overheard a conversation in which two people were griping about how customer service “just isn’t like it used to be.”
Flamborough candidate committed to representing communities
This is in response to Mr. McCormack’s letter published in last week’s Flamborough Review.
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