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Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate
I read your report that Jennifer Stebbing has won the Liberal nomination for our new riding.
Intersection needs attention sooner, not later
I am writing to you to help our voices be heard in regards to a very urgent matter.

How well do you know what Hamilton city council is doing?

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Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:35 PM
Reader questions choice of federal Liberal candidate "I AM a member of the Liberal Party who was present and voted at the nomination, and advocated for local Liberal candidate Ian Dunlop, who spoke in English and French, a well-spoken author experienced in our local affairs and schooled in economic deve"
Comment by Wayne Powell
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 7:07:10 PM
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Comment by Lest We Forget | FlamboroughReview.com
Monday, November, 10, 2014 - 10:10:16 PM
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Comment by Bazaar fun continues in Flamborough | FlamboroughReview.com
Volunteer took the role of Snow Angel very seriously
As the weather turns colder our thoughts turn to white: white grass, white trees, white driveways, white sidewalks and yes, white roads. Snow!
Highway procession a life-changing experience
I am still wiping tears from my eyes, as we get back after two hours on a bridge in Burlington waiting for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.
Pipe up in support of improving neighbourhoods, urges Waterdown resident
I must say that I do agree with one point of W. Barnhart’s letter printed in the Flamborough Review Oct. 23. Traffic issues are a part of growth in Waterdown.
Waterdown runner grateful for Good Samaritan's assistance
I was outside running, enjoying this beautiful sunny day on Oct. 23 around 8:30 a.m. when, attempting to cross with the green light on Parkside Drive by the YMCA, I shifted to the left to push the pedestrian button and landed on a totally uneven surface and dropped like an stone, injuring my ankle.
Submitted photo
Carlisle bids farewell to seasonal workers
You came from Mexico, South America and the Caribbean and soon you will be returning to your homes and families.
Setting the record straight
The letter is premised on its statement that I “advocate ‘a solution’ by building more smaller schools.”
Traffic issues part of growth
I continue to be baffled by the complaining of Waterdown residents who live in the central part of town.
We have to make city ward boundaries work
Democracy, like everything else in the world, has evolved.
Flamborough is lacking democracy at local level
Thank you for publishing “Vote 2014” in the Flamborough Review of October 9, introducing the candidates in Ward 14 for the upcoming election.
Parent's wish list for school board trustee candidates
When Ward 15 trustee hopeful Nick Lauwers advocates a “solution” by building more smaller schools he demonstrates his inexperience and naiveté.
Street should stay open
Even considering closing William Street in Carlisle is an illogical and asinine move.
A cyclist responds
As a retired person who cycles around Waterdown and on local country roads, I often encounter people driving cars, trucks and SUVs who are unwilling to share the road.
Focus on infrastructure to solve traffic woes
Closing, redirecting and impeding traffic is not the answer.
Harper's absence at UN summit emarrassing
Last week as a Canadian, proud is not what I was feeling.
A question for cyclists
As a retired man driving around Waterdown, I see a lot of people in their fancy gear riding around town on their bicycles.
Was Snake Road bridge closure necessary?
I thought it strange that after CPR okayed the bridge for all but truck traffic that Burlington and Hamilton opted to close it.
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