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More logic needed in municipal planning
It is impossible to keep up with the ‘Empty the Purse’ activities of Hamilton City Council.
Millgrove students celebrate reading
Throughout February, Millgrove Elementary School students participated in their first-ever Kiwanis Club Read-a-thon, which is designed to help kids have fun while becoming better readers.

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Sunday, April, 20, 2014 - 4:04:04 PM
Union Gas looks to expand Flamborough pipelines "Pipeline Expansion Linked to Fracking in Ontario The Tangled Web of Tarsands Expansion The "shift in where the supplies are coming from" TCP Approval The present gas pipeline supplying Eastern Canada is, like Line 9 being converted in order to"
Comment by WaterdownRulz
Friday, April, 11, 2014 - 4:04:46 PM
POLICE DAILY-APRIL 10: E-bike driver attempts to elude Hamilton police "That 19 year old will have to have a huge bank account after his fine and insurance goes up."
Comment by texascanuk
Wednesday, April, 02, 2014 - 2:02:35 AM
Delegations on future of West Flamborough schools will be heard April 29 "We have the highest EQAO performance for Grade 3 in HWDSB We have a 100-year tradition 41 year tradition for Turkey & Skate 25 year tradition for Go for Green We have children that deserve to get to school within 45 minutes each day -- we don"
Comment by skardiel
Letter simply a promotion for bottled water
This is the first time I have read an opinion piece that was an advertisement for bottled water. It was submitted by Nestlé Waters Canada, and it was so biased that one could have “drowned” in it.
Vincent Hughes, Student Guide
Students in Vimy to honour and remember
A new poll released by the Vimy Foundation highlights the importance of engaging young Canadians to remember the defining moments in our nation’s history.
Volunteer Flamborough thanks Snow Angels
Every year, we notify the Flamborough residents of the Snow Angel program so that those that can’t clear the snow themselves and don’t have the ability to pay someone can adhere to the City’s snow removal bylaw
Stop signs contribute to Hamilton energy consumption
Never mind that it “endorses Earth Hour,” if the City of Hamilton was really interested in reducing energy wastage and improving the environment it could make a much greater impact by eliminating thousands of unnecessary stop signs on its roads.
Parents make case to keep Millgrove School
Millgrove School is a wonderful, safe school, where our children thrive and grow in a loving and caring environment. Statistics have shown that these children are receiving a quality education, placing them consistently above board standards.
Lost mittens valuable to their owner
On Saturday, March 29, I lost a very valuable pair of mittens at the Waterdown Walmart. Valuable, not in money, but in heartbreak.
Stay safe this spring
I want to remind the folks in our community to remember to be safe as the spring is approaching us.
Be aware of the real costs of using bottled water
John Challinor’s letter last week (Bottled water doesn’t compete with tap water, March 27) was exactly what I would expect from someone who profits from selling bottled water.
Bottled water doesn’t compete with tap water
I read with interest the article entitled Hamilton’s steam museum marks Bottled Water Free Day that was published on the Review website March 14. In the piece, statements are made about bottled water that require correction.
Income tax tips aim to make filing easier
Income tax season is fast approaching, and you don’t know where to start?
Greensville driver's sentence didn't make sense
Re: Cyclist awarded restitution in 2012 road rage incident, Review, March 20
Strabane WI goes green
The Strabane Women’s Institute would like to thank the members of the community who joined us on Saturday, March 15 for our St. Patrick’s Day lunch. A great time was had by all, and we will use the money raised at the lunch to support people in our community.
Editorial on snow removal in Hamilton 'irresponsible'
The editorial suggesting that the ever-spending, ever-broke, ever-taxing City of Hamilton should clear sidewalks adjacent to privately-owned property can be considered nothing less then irresponsible.
Drive message home by confiscating cellphones
I doubt the increase in fines to $280 will do much to decrease the use of hand-held devices while driving.
Protect yourself against fraud
Every year, millions of Canadians are targeted by fraud regardless of their age, education level, income, profession or ethnicity
Drivers need to clean off their vehicles before hitting the road
I am always amazed at the amount of police work that is undertaken around Waterdown in order to nab drivers exceeding the speed limit on Dundas Street East at Burke Street, where lanes reduce from four to two, on Evans Road between Parkside Drive and Dundas Street, and on Parkside Drive west of the railroad tracks.
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