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OLG plan will create new jobs

RE: Subdue the OLG monster: horse racing hall of famer, Community Voices, Review, Jan. 24

I would like to clarify information in a letter that appeared in your publication on January 24.

OLG provides a popular form of entertainment. Last year alone, 2.7 million Ontarians visited one of our gaming sites and 8 million played the lottery at least once.

The modernization of lottery and gaming in Ontario is about improving the customer experience, creating new jobs and increasing OLG’s financial contribution to the province.

There are currently 24 gaming facilities in Ontario. Through OLG’s modernization, Ontario could have up to five new gaming facilities for a total of 29. OLG will only place facilities in communities that want them.

OLG has a strategic procurement process underway to select qualified service providers to manage the day-to-day operations of existing and new gaming sites. Service providers will also be responsible for funding and building any new sites, with approvals from OLG, the Ontario government and a host municipality.

This will drive more than $3 billion in capital investments across Ontario.

Site holders, who have signed lease agreements with OLG, are welcome to participate in the procurement process as an applicant or part of a bidding consortium.

However, it is important to note that, according to section 207 of the Criminal Code of Canada, only OLG is permitted to conduct and manage gaming in Ontario. As such, OLG will continue its role in the conduct, management and oversight and remain the operating mind behind the delivery of gaming in Ontario.

At nearly $2 billion, OLG’s annual contribution to the province represents the largest source of non-tax revenue for the Ontario government. When modernization is fully implemented, OLG will increase its net contribution by over $1 billion annually. This money is used to help pay for important priorities like health care and community infrastructure.

Larry Flynn
Senior Vice-President, Gaming
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

One Response to “OLG plan will create new jobs”

  1. Ian says:

    Another OLG advertorial. As Bob McGowan said on the Fan ” Godfrey has gone goofy ” and the numbers don’t add up. Even Paul Godfrey’s partners at Rio Can have accused him of trying to destroy the downtown core with a casino.
    Flynn’s numbers are based on unrealistic projections if all of the OLG plan is implemented, but it does not allow for cannibalization within the province or social costs. Finally you should realize the core of the OLG’s plan is to make it as easy as possible for young adults to gamble by increasing opportunity to maximize revenue.
    Larry Flynn and the OLG are playing a zero sum game and asking you to believe that a hasty expansion is in your best interest. Many people are starting to question the rush to complete their goals.

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