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Union reform needed

Ontario’s teachers’ unions continue to play a dangerous game trying to pit parents and school trustees against our government, while using our teachers and kids as shields.

More and more parents are realizing that, while we benefit from our terrific teachers, their union is using them and our children as pawns in what appears to many to be a greedy and desperate struggle for more pay, less work and an unwillingness to contribute to the economic reforms that the majority of Canadians have had to weather for over a decade in these uncertain economic  times.

I believe the union message has back-fired. What parents see, as a result of collective bargaining, is an eroding amount of supervision time and teaching staff available to boost the quality of our children’s education and care.

Because the unions have not been satisfied bargaining for a responsible middle ground, I am not alone in declaring a need for sober, balancing bills like C-115 that promote public union accountability and reform – now, more than ever.

Wayne Powell

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