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Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Georgia and Patrice Temush were both awarded the Novice 2 championship title at the Foxcroft Equestrian Centre fall horse show.

Foxcroft riders saddle up

Foxcroft Equestrian Centre hosted a horse show, sponsored by Oakville’s DundeeWealth ($1,000 team challenge) and Beech Tire (novice 3 division), for its students last month. The results are as follow:

Novice 1 (Flight A)
Equitation on the flat: Vanessa Lavigne on Kizzie, Ashley Schotsman on Sierra, Ava Lintack on Roxy, Alyssa Lavigne on Montego, Charlotte Thomsen on Nevada, and Sofia Schachler on Toledo, each earned a first-place finish. Cavalletti Class: 1st – V. Lavigne, 2nd – A. Lavigne, 3rd – Thomsen, 4th – Schachler, 5th – Schotsman and Lintack
Command Class: 1st – Lavigne, 2nd –Thomsen, 3rd – Schotsman, 4th – Schachler and Lintack, 5th – Lavigne

Novice 1 (Flight B)
Equitation on the Flat: Faryn Conant on Nevada, Ivy Hartley on Sierra, Brock Tipping on Roxy, Sarah Worth on Kizzie and Grace Pearce on Montego each finished first.
Cavalletti Class: 1st – Pearce, 2nd – Hartley, 3rd –Conant, 4th –Worth, 5th – Tipping
Command Class: 1st – Conant, 2nd –Hartley, 3rd –Pearce, 4th –Worth, 5th –Tipping
Novice 1 champion: Alyssa Lavigne

Novice 2
Hunter Hack: 1st – Georgia Temush on Toledo, 2nd – Patrice Temush on Roxy, 3rd – Emily Chambers on Jake, 4th – Amanda Gauthier on Yukon and Ceilidh Callacott on Fergus, 5th – Leila Olsen-Phillips on Fergus, Julia Dubrovolski on Georgia and Jessica Cook on Montego
Equitation on the Flat: 1st – P. Temush, 2nd – Callacott, 3rd   G. Temush and Gauthier, 4th – Cook, 5th – Olsen-Phillips, Dubrovolski and Chambers
Equitation over Fences: 1st – Gauthier, 2nd – Dubrovolski, 3rd – G. Temush and Olsen-Phillips, 4th – P. Temush, 5th – Cook, Callacott and Chambers
Novice 2 champions: Georgia and Patrice Temush

Novice 3
Hunter Hack: 1st – Laura Penko on Georgia, 2nd – Melissa Bortolin on Yukon, 3rd – Lily Thompson on Windsor, 4th – Zoe Rumleskie on Fergus and Dakoda Redden on Odyssey, 5th – Sarah Schachler on Santana and Georgia Holbrook on Atlanta
Equitation on the flat: 1st – Rumleskie, 2nd – Penko, 3rd – Redden, 4th – Schachler and Holbrook, 5th – Thompson and Bortolin
Equitation over Fences: 1st – Penko, 2nd – Bortolin, 3rd – Rumleskie, 4th –Schachler and Thompson, 5th – Georgia Holbrook and Redden
Novice 3 champion: Laura Penko

DundeeWealth equitation medal individual results included: 1st – Alysa Beech on Waterbug (74), 2nd – Maddy Bosch on Dallas (73), 3rd – Caitlin Audas on Santana (71), 4th – Dorothy Barker on Miami and Kathryn Slack on Jet (70), 5th – Jacqueline Prior on Orlando (65), 6th – Alex Mallory on Maya (64), 7th – Breanne Amatangelo on Odyssey (63), 8th – Olivia E. on Havana (62), 9th – Kaitlin Petkovich on Bella (59), 10th – Cynthia Weedle on Windsor (54)

DundeeWealth team challenge scores were: 1st – Team 3 (Caitlin, Kathryn and Olivia) with 141 points, 2nd – Team 4 (Alex Cynthia and Alysa) with 138 points, 3rd – Team 2 (Breanne, Kate and Maddy) with 136 points, 4th – Team 1 (Dorothy, Kaitlin and Jacqueline) with 135 points.

The event was judged by Rebecca Rebus and  Victoria Knox.

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