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FORCE ready to celebrate quarry victory
After reviewing details of a recent agreement between the Ontario government and St Marys Cement (SMC), the chair of FORCE (Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment) is now convinced the battle against the establishment of a quarry in northeast Flamborough is over. And the community can celebrate victory.
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Future of proposed quarry site unknown
The proposal for a quarry in northeast Flamborough is dead. But questions remain about what St Marys Cement (SMC) will do with the land on 11th Concession Road East near Milburough Line.

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Wednesday, October, 15, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Parent's wish list for school board trustee candidates "Well written Mr. Powell! I would like to add: Keep in mind that country kids are tired of being on a school bus for longer than one hour (good weather doesn't happen everyday). That is two hours (minimum) of their lives on a bus each day. Standing in"
Comment by scooter
Saturday, October, 04, 2014 - 3:03:01 AM
Traffic calming measures proposed for Sealey Park neighbourhood "Closing, redirecting and impeding traffic is not the answer. This is not fair to the residents of this area or those of Waterdown. They all deserve the rite to travel through their town/neighbourhood as they wish and require. No one should be enti"
Comment by forall
Tuesday, September, 30, 2014 - 2:02:08 PM
Traffic calming measures proposed for Sealey Park neighbourhood "As a resident of the core, I hate all of these ideas. Any such restrictions would stop me from navigating my own neighbourhood efficiently trying to get home from work, or just getting around for errands. It is a trade-off for us to be living in the "
Comment by wasfou
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Province pays SMC $15M to quash quarry proposal
The quarry plan for northeast Flamborough is dead.
St Marys, FORCE present on Aggregate Resources Act
St Marys Cement and the local organization that opposes the aggregate company's plans to build a limestone quarry in northeast Flamborough have appeared before the legislative committee struck to evaluate the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA).
FORCE continues to dig in for battles with SMC
Even though it’s been almost eight years since residents in northeast Flamborough learned that a large limestone quarry was being proposed on the 11th Concession near Milburough Line, the community’s resolve to defeat the proposal hasn’t waned.
St Marys steps up legal action
St Marys Cement (SMC) is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to obtain an aggregate licence for a proposed limestone quarry in northeast Flamborough.
Cabinet minister may testify at quarry's judicial review
Ontario’s Minister of Environment Jim Bradley could be called as a witness at St Marys Cement’s upcoming judicial review of the Ontario government’s decision to freeze the zoning on a proposed quarry site in northeast Flamborough.
SMC continues to seek permit
St Marys Cement (SMC), which is proposing to establish a large limestone quarry at 11th Concession Road East and Milburough Line, is appealing to Ontario’s divisional court to set aside a recent decision by the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) that denied its application for a Permit to Take Water (PTTW)
Tribunal upholds St Marys PTTW decision
The Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) last Friday dismissed St Marys Cement’s (SMC’s) appeal to overturn the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE’s) rejection of their Permit to Take Water application to allow them to conduct pump tests at the proposed quarry site on 11th Concession East at Milburough Line.
McMeekin expects government will ‘stay the course’
A minority Liberal government in Queen's Park isn't going to deter the party from its focus on job creation, healthcare, education and energy, newly re-elected MPP Ted McMeekin (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale) said last week; but it might change how government gets things done.
City lifts objections on Lafarge quarry expansion
After four years of review by Hamilton city staff, in partnership with local conservation authorities, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), the municipality has withdrawn objections to plans by Lafarge Canada to expand its North Quarry. The proposed expansion will be 30.88 hectares, or 76.3 acres, lying between the 4th and 5th Concessions north of Hwy. 5 and east of Brock Road in west Flamborough.
Quarry, NGTA hot topics at FCC debate
Ontario PC candidate Donna Skelly faced the brunt of some pointed questions at last Wednesday’s all candidates’ meeting hosted by the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce, but the longtime CHCH television personality retained her composure while sticking to the party line on local issues.
SMC files NAFTA claim suit
St Marys Cement (SMC) filed an application for arbitration last week, bringing its Flamborough Quarry battle to the international stage and following through on plans it made public last month to file a $275-million (US) arbitration claim against the Canadian government under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
SMC set for NAFTA appeal
St Marys Cement (SMC) is taking its quarry battle in Flamborough to the international stage by serving notice that it plans to submit a $US275-million arbitration claim against the Canadian government under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Dates set on SMC’s water permit appeal
As the Ontario government and St Marys Cement (SMC) prepare to square off on the aggregate company’s court challenge to have the zoning freeze lifted from the proposed Flamborough quarry, SMC continues to proceed with other activities aimed at clearing the way to receiving an aggregate licence.  
St Marys seeks judicial review of Ministerial Zoning Order
St Marys Cement has abandoned its appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), deciding instead to take its quest for a quarry in Flamborough to court.
Quarry is not a partisan issue
Regarding the article published on May 5 by Kevin Werner on the topic of the proposed Flamborough Quarry by St. Marys Cement, the decision by the Ontario government to declare a provincial interest in the matter is justified.
OMB not the answer
Re: Quarry move a ‘seat saver’: Hudak, Review, May 5Mr. Tim Hudak implies that the OMB is a better forum for area planning than elected officials. That should raise some questions as to whose best interest the provincial Conservatives are looking out for.
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